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BNB - Transactions keep track of account balances rather than transaction amounts, allowing aggressive database pruning without compromising security. For example, each Nano user has their own blockchain, allowing them to update their chain asynchronously vs other transactions on the network, resulting in fast transactions with minimal overhead. Consensus is maintained by Open Representative Voting (ORV), which facilitates irreversible finality (full-settlement). User-selected representative nodes vote on each transaction, btc and every node independently cements each transaction after seeing enough representative votes to achieve quorum. Nano is a low-latency, feeless, scalable, and environmentally friendly cryptocurrency that improves on many of Bitcoin's core properties via unique design decisions.

If you are really ✔ being serious , this sub was made to store important documentaries one day we may need ‍, and we shall easily "copy-paste" them in our resumes for applying to jobs .

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The Lightning Network allows for the creation of "micropayment channels" across which multiple Bitcoin transactions can be securely performed without interacting with the blockchain, except for the initial transaction that initiates the channel. There is no counterparty risk: if any party ceases to cooperate, and/or does not respond within an agreed-on time limit, the channel can be closed and all its outstanding transactions kicked up to the blockchain to be settled there.

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imageSidechains can also be used to prototype changes to the fundamental Bitcoin blockchain. One catch, though: this will require a small tweak to the existing Bitcoin protocol. The sidechains vision of the future is of a vast globe-spanning decentralized network of many blockchains, an intertwined cable rather than a single strand, each with its own protocol, rules, and features — but all of them backed by Bitcoin, and protected by the Bitcoin mining network, cryptocurrency as the US dollar was once backed by gold.

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A whole different group has released an early draft of a radical new proposal called the Lightning Network, which would, in principle, move the vast majority of Bitcoin transactions off the blockchain, without sacrificing any verifiability or security. But wait, there’s more!

So many sidechains can be attached to bitcoin, each one with different purposes and characteristics. The procedure is known as "two-way pegging". Sidechains can take advantage of the scarcity and resilience which is guaranteed by the Bitcoin blockchain. Useful sidechains have the power to ruin existing altcoins . Sidechains can directly get involved with bitcoin.

An alternative consensus protocol, Proof of Stake (PoS), was first introduced by Peercoin in 2012 8 . In a PoS system, participants vote with a weight equivalent to the amount of wealth they possess in a given cryptocurrency. With this arrangement, those who have a greater financial investment are given more power and are inherently incentivized to maintain the honesty of the system or risk losing their investment. PoS does away with the wasteful computation power competition, only requiring light-weight software running on low power hardware.

But the papers are quite technical and it takes plenty of time to understand the sidechain. Let’s try to make things easy for all of us. The moment sidechains whitepaper were out, it took the bitcoin industry by storm.

You can say s idechains would be the new blockchain backed by bitcoins in the very same manner fiat currencies were backed by Gold. You could have many sidechains attached to Bitcoin, every sidechain having a different purpose but with each of them benefiting from the flexibility, scarcity and bitcoin’s mainstream adoption.

What’s more, one of the changes it requires, the elimination of transaction malleability, is handled by the Segregated Witness work in Sidechain Elements. (Though again it would be a "soft fork," i.e. ( correction : all of of the changes required are incorporated into Elements Alpha — it’s Lightning-ready out of the box.) However, the Lightning Network would, again, require a change to the existing Bitcoin protocol. the existing blockchain would remain fully valid.) And/or — you guessed it — a Lightning sidechain.

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